For a complete description of your engine, please consult the guide supplied by the engine manufacturer. This can be found in your owner's manual enclosure, or contact Perkins/@Detroit Diesel at (315) 592-5000 and request a duplicate if Perkins engine has been fitted..

Two points are worth special attention. Firstly, marine engines work under conditions tougher than those of automotive engines. Your marine engine faces constant torquing not encountered in other applications. For this reason, you must change your engine's crank oil as recommended in the engine manufacturer's guide. Secondly, before using your engine, the shaft coupling must be adjusted within a tolerance of .003 (thousandths of an inch) T.I.R. after launching. This is done during commissioning of the yacht. Be sure that your dealer has made this adjustment before using your engine.

Change the oil regularly. Keep spare parts and alternator belts on hand and use only 3/4 throttle on long passages. Keep your fuel tank full whenever possible to prevent water condensation in your fuel tank.

To retard electrolysis, we recommend installing a zinc collar immediately on the propeller shaft when the boat is to be used in salt water.

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