These diagrams are intended to serve as a guide to rigging the Catalina 270. Some drawings may show optional equipment or systems, which differ, from those installed on early production models.

These rigging diagrams supplemented by the Catalina Yachts General Handbook provide the information necessary for the rigging and operation of the Catalina 270.

The Catalina 270 has "Blister Guard" blister resistant gel coat on the hull fiberglass surfaces below the waterline. There are special requirements for preparing this surface for painting. Do not sand or reduce the gel coat film thickness. Use a "no sand" etching type primer-to prepare the bottom for painting. Improper bottom preparation will void your Catalina Yacht Five Year Warranty against below the waterline gel coat blistering.

Anti fouling bottom paint should be applied to your Catalina -270 if it is to be kept in either fresh or salt water. Anti fouling paint prevents the growth of algae and other fouling organisms on underwater surfaces.

The builder recommends that you select a brand of paint which works well in your area and use that brand of product for all phases of the bottom preparation and painting process to insure adhesion and chemical compatibility between the coatings used.

The mast of Catalina 270 is not grounded to earth. Should you wish to install a lightning grounding system, a copy of the American Boat and Yacht Council lightning grounding recommendations are enclosed for your reference.

Whenever possible the consumer literature for standard and optional component parts has been included in your owner's packet or manual.

Many of these items are warranted directly by the component manufacturer. Please read the literature carefully for operation instructions and warranty information. A list of the literature that may be provided with your Catalina 270 Follows.

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